April 4 - GTE Logistics has transported a 250-tonne capacity Liebherr LTM 12500.1 crane from the Moscow region of Russia to Severobaikalsk.

The crane, which weighed 75 tonnes, was transported by road on a seven-axle trailer with a load capacity of 90 tonnes. Additional equipment was transported via standard delivery trucks.

GTE encountered numerous wooden bridges en route which were unable bear the weight of the vehicle and its load, so for every bridge encountered, the GTE team had to unload the crane and move it under its own power over the bridge before reloading it at the other side.

The harsh weather conditions also proved a challenge, and at times it was necessary to use graders and bulldozers to tow the trailer through snow and ice in mountainous regions.

For the last 300 km of the transport to Sverobaikalsk, the crane had to be unloaded and moved under its own power once again, due to the inaccessibility of the road for cargoes of such weight.



Watch a video of this operation here: