November 21 - Garant Trans Express (GTE) Logistics has completed the relocation of geological machinery and equipment, from Kharasavay to Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia.

The equipment and machinery, which had a total weight of over 1,000 tonnes, was first transported by road on low loaders to the Kharasavay port. Due to the sensitive nature of the tundra region and the lack of roads in Kharasavay, GTE had to acquire permits to transport the cargo.

Once at the port, the cargo needed to be loaded onto barges to be delivered to Indiga port on the Barents Sea.

Since there were no specialised moorings at Kharasavay or Indiga, GTE was required to deliver almost 500 tonnes of concrete slabs and crushed stone in order to strengthen and build suitable moorings.

At Kharasavay, the crane loaded the cargo onto three barges, which were then shipped along the North Sea Route to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug - another difficult task due to the severe icy conditions on route.