November 3 - German shipping line Hansa heavy Lift has transported three tugboats, each weighing 504 tonnes, from Rotterdam to Johor in Malaysia.

The tugboats were loaded on board HHL Fremantle at the Port of Rotterdam, from where the vessel sailed via the Suez Canal to Johor Bahru, where the tugboats were discharged.
HHL Fremantle's two cranes have a combined lifting capacity of 1,400 tonnes, and they were used for both the loading and discharge operations.
"Our experienced team of engineers and cargo superintendents working closely with the team on board managed to load all three units within the planned timeline and safely completed operations," said Ian Broad, director cargo management, Hansa Heavy Lift.

The tugboats were being delivered for Kotug Asia, a leading towage operator that recently started serving the Malaysian market.