October 21 - BigLift Shipping's Happy Star has arrived at the Port of Rotterdam carrying a consignment of 22 Damen vessels - the manufacturer's largest-ever stock vessel transport.

The consignment included two Damen Fast Crew Suppliers 2610, one ASD Tug 2310, three ASD Tugs 2411 and three ASD Tugs 3212 - all of which have been sold and will be delivered to clients on arrival.

Additionally, the shipment comprised a number of vessels that have not yet been sold, including: two Stan Tugs 1606, two Stan Tugs 1004, two Stan Tugs 1907, two Stan Pontoons 5213, two Stan Pontoons 3011, a further ASD Tug 3212 and two Stan Launches 1004.

This is the first time that BigLift's heavy lift vessel, Happy Star, has visited the Netherlands, after being delivered to the Dutch shipping line in September 2014 and making its maiden voyage in December 2014.

HLPFI reported in September 2015 that Happy Star was preparing to load the respective Damen boats at a number of shipyards in Asia.