Nearly 250 ha of land managed by France’s Haropa Port is available for industrial redevelopment as part of the country’s 2030 Turnkey Sites scheme.

Haropa Port hosts five sites ready for industrial development

Source: Haropa Port

The West A29 site in the town of Rogerville

55 sites across the country have been flagged up in the scheme, five of which are located on land administered by Haropa Port. Four sites are located in the Le Havre port industrial area and one in Rouen. 

In Le Havre, the West A29 site in the town of Rogerville, immediately adjacent to the Le Havre Grand Canal and the A29 highway, covers approximately 60 ha and has been placed on the market under a call for project proposals. On the eastern side of the same highway, an area of approximately 25 ha has also been certified. 

Also in Rogerville, the Southeast Grand Canal site located near the multibulk terminal MTV will provide an area in the region of 30 ha, while on the southern part of the Le Havre port area the South Grand Canal site will provide 54 ha of real estate suitable for expansion, depending on requirements. 

In the port area to the south of Rouen, the Grand-Couronne/Moulineaux industrial platform has also been certified as a France 2030 Turnkey Site. This 75 ha site is located west of a logistics zone covering almost 200 ha: the Rouen Seine valley logistics platform (RVSL). 

According to Haropa Port, the five sites identified will benefit from support from central and local government. The government scheme enables real estate to be showcased to industrial operators in conjunction with shorter lead-times for official procedures and on-site set-up. These optimised lead-times are intended to allow Haropa Port to deliver construction-ready plots for new industrial activities over the period to 2030.