OHT’s semi-submersible vessel Hawk has delivered the floating dry-dock ADBS-1 from Abu Dhabi in the UAE to Brest, France.

Hawk dry dock OHT

OHT transported the dry-dock, which measured 180 m x 37 m, for Promaritime.

The dry-dock was loaded and diagonally stowed on Hawk’s deck. The overhang of the dock, which measured 32 m each side, in combination with the vessel’s already sizeable beam of 55.5 m, resulted in an overall transport width of close to 120 m.

Upon arrival in Brest, the floating dry-dock was discharged, with support from Promaritime.

According to Promaritime, the ADBS-1 will be towed to Damen’s shipyard, where it will stay for two months and will receive paint and repairs. After that, the unit will be wet towed to its destination in the port of Rouen in France to get ready for operations.