January 8 - Gebr

Along with the aircraft, Gebrüder Weiss transported safety equipment and avalanche rescue gear, 40 pairs of skis, 25 airbag backpacks, a tank station and various spare parts.

Before the helicopter could be loaded on to a common mega trailer, the landing skids and rotor blades had to be dismantled. The 3,700 km route - crossing Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey before arriving at its final destination of Tbilisi, Georgia - took eight days to complete.

The helicopter will be used for heliskiing activities in the village of Gudauri, 100 km north of Tbilisi. It will be transported back to Austria in the spring.

Wucher Helicopter manager Thomas Türtscher said that Gebüder Weiss has been a reliable partner in all transport and logistics matters for 30 years and is an expert for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.