May 25 - Tuscor Lloyds has completed the export of a helicopter from Europe to Mexico on behalf of a Mexican-based company which has an air chartering operation in North America.

The helicopter had to be flown from Ireland to the UK and prepared for shipment. Flight delays caused by the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcanic eruption added to the pressures which faced the Tuscor Lloyds team at the landing site. The company's packing team worked with a specialised crane to remove the rotor blades and transfer the helicopter onto a trailer, before the unit and associated parts were moved to a local facility for packaging and securing onto a flat rack, prior to shipment from Felixstowe.

Nick Rodriguez, manager at Tuscor Lloyds comments, "Disassembly and transportation of such aircraft requires careful study of the technical specifications and tolerances of both the transportation equipment and the cargo itself."