January 18 - Aryamasir International Transport has coordinated the movement of oversize cargo from southern Iran to an oil and gas site in Uzbekistan by road.

Aryamasir loaded and lashed the project cargo onto five trailers for overland delivery to Uzbekistan within a tight time frame of five days.

"Transit time is another strong point for Iran movements and it should be considered as a competitive route," claims Aryamasir general manager Afshin Daryaie.

Aryamasir is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Iran.

Saturday, January 17, saw sanctions against Iran lifted after extensive talks between the Middle Eastern nation, the USA, EU and UN. HLPFI will consider the implications of this historic move in its March/April 2016 edition - if you have any comments or would like to contribute editorially to the feature, please contact Annie Roberts at ar@heavyliftpfi.com.