April 20 - Nordic and US-based SSAB is launching Strenx - a new high-strength structural steel product brand.

Strenx is designed for sectors in which structural strength and weight savings are key competitive factors, especially in the lifting, handling and transportation industries. The product is also well suited for the frames of heavy mobile machines, rolling stock, offshore and construction sectors, said SSAB.

SSAB says that Strenx will allow customers to design cranes that reach further, trailers that have a higher payload, and trucks that use less fuel.

The company claims that Strenx features the world's widest choice of high-strength structural steels, both in terms of strength and dimensional range. Yield strengths range from 600 MPa (megapascal) to 1,300 MPa, which SSAB says is the strongest steel available on the market.

Strenx is available in plate, strip and tubular products in thicknesses ranging from 0.7 mm to 160 mm.


Steel pipes.