October 22 - UK-based freight forwarder, Tuscor Lloyds, has handled the shipment of an oversized horse's head sculpture from Felixstowe, UK to Philadelphia, USA.

Built in Felixstowe, this unusual project cargo, which weighed 7 tonnes and had the dimensions 10.3 m x 3.4 m x 3.2, was transported by road to the town's port ready for shipment.

The shape and weight distribution of the consignment required the horse's head to be lifted using heavy duty loading slings attached to a heavy lift crane, and slowly lowered into position above a low loader trailer.

On arrival in port, the out of gauge cargo was unloaded from the trailer using heavy lift equipment and lowered onto a 40 ft flat rack container, which was lashed and secured for its ocean journey to Philadelphia.

The sculpture, which was required at an event being held not far from the port of Philadelphia, was unloaded from the vessel and loaded onto another low load trailer for transportation to the event.