June 21 - Mountain Heavy Transport has acquired a HT500 hydraulically powered heavy track skidding unit and a smaller XLP150 unit from Canadian manufacturer Hydra-Slide.

According to manager Ryan Oliverson, Mountain Heavy Transport is seeing heightened demand for 500-tonne and 150-tonne capacity lifting systems. He added that the company would consider purchasing a third, smaller skidding unit if interest continued to grow.

The HT500 system is suited to the movement of transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels and machines where a rigid, load carrying track is required; while the XLP150 can be used for skidding smaller units and is controlled by one operator working from a remotely positioned power unit.

Mountain Heavy Transport provides services to the power generation and distribution, plant maintenance, steel, wind energy, and industrial construction sectors. It is a division of Utah, USA based Mountain Crane Service.