February 26 - The UK's IMC Group has launched a new product, Tracker, which monitors the condition of and pinpoints damage to high-risk equipment during transport.

Tracker measures and communicates shock, plus optional temperature and humidity data experienced by critical equipment and high-risk assets during the course of any shipment.

This allows users to anticipate potential damage before arrival and quickly put in place suitable resolutions such as whether to inspect, recall or continue with a shipment, said IMC.

The company says that major benefits of the product also include cash savings using preventative maintenance techniques, reduced downtime from unexpected damage, the ability to assign accountability for equipment damage caused while in use and during transit, and easy-to-use data collection and display.

The IATA-compliant unit records event data using tri-axial Piezo accelerometer technology, and reports in real time for immediate user assessment. Data is communicated via GPRS and/or satellite to web-based software, providing users with detailed event data and exact GPS positioning.

In addition, said IMC, Tracker's communication system will automatically switch between GPRS and satellite systems, ensuring global coverage at the lowest possible cost for each communication. Event notification can be sent via SMS or email to user defined recipients, enabling users to anticipate potential asset damage before arrival and quickly put in place suitable resolutions.