April 10 - US-based project shipping specialist Intermarine has joined the Trident Alliance - the shipping industry initiative for robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations.

With the addition of Intermarine and Crowley Maritime Corporation, which HLPFI reported about on April 7, the Trident Alliance now has 35 member companies from across the world.

Member company ceos have each signed a statement of commitment, claiming to support the robust and transparent enforcement of sulphur regulations, as well as complying with said regulations.

"As a US-based company with a longstanding liner service from the US Gulf to South America and Africa; substantial operations in Europe, and US flagged vessels that are engaged in US-based trade, Intermarine's involvement with the Trident Alliance is consistent with the standards that apply to the company's services," said Intermarine vice president, US ocean and general counsel, Will Terrill.

"The Trident Alliance will assist not only with levelling the playing field, but also with providing Intermarine with the opportunity to share its experiences with regard to different technologies and methods for compliance with sulphur regulations." 

Roger Strevens, chairman of the Trident Alliance, added: "Efforts to improve enforcement in ports are underway. However, how to ensure effective and robust enforcement on the high seas is only beginning to get the attention it deserves.

"Given how critical it is for both environment and business, this challenge cannot be shied away from no matter how difficult it may be to resolve."