January 21 - Following the easing of trade sanctions imposed on Iran, UK based Seafast Logistics and Iranian logistics provider Seven Seas Tehran have partnered up to create the joint venture, Iran Shipping & Logistics Limited (ISLL).

Iran Shipping & Logistics was registered with the UK authorities in August 2015 after the nuclear-related deal was agreed between Iran and the European and US governments.

Both Seafast and Seven Seas have already worked together for over 20 years, confirmed the companies.

Seafast ceo David J Halliday commented: "We have been patiently waiting for this opportunity, and through the collective knowledge and experience of Seafast and Seven Seas, our joint venture company Iran Shipping & Logistics will be able to offer solutions for container shipping, as well as breakbulk and project cargoes, refrigerated goods and airfreight services."

Seven Seas' chairman said he was delighted that developments now allow both companies to activate their plans to provide global shipping and logistics services from 90 countries to and from Iranian ports.