January 5 - JAS Projects - Oil and Gas has coordinated two heavy lift shipments from Hazira Port, India to Saudi Arabia's Duba Port for a gas processing project.

JAS Projects' Middle East and North Africa (MENA) operation worked with the company's Indian office to arrange the transport of the cargo from the client's yard to Hazira Port, loading onto a geared vessel, shipment to Duba Port and onward delivery of the cargo to the site.

JAS explained that the shipment was challenging due to the lack of facilities at Duba Port, which is a remote gateway located around 180 km from Tabuk and 1,000 km from Jeddah.

The company has moved around 4,300 cu m of cargo to the site so far, with approximately 5,200 cu m of equipment still being loaded in Hazira for shipment to Saudi Arabia.