March 19 - Through a recently formed alliance with Arkon Shipping & Projects, Jumbo has added three multipurpose heavy lift vessels - Eris J, Ran J and Senda J - to its fleet.

The 14,000 dwt vessels, each of which have a combined 800-tonne lifting capacity, are under full technical management by Reederei Juengerhans and are commercially and operationally managed by Jumbo, in close cooperation with Arkon.

Today, Jumbo's fleet consists of 14 ships; four J1800-types, two H800-types; three JAA800-types (the Jumbo Arkon Alliance ships); three G500-types and two E650-types. The first of the two K3000-types, Jumbo Kinetic is expected to enter service soon.

Through the newly-created Jumbo Arkon Alliance (JAA), both Jumbo and Arkon now have direct access to a wider range of multipurpose vessels, managed by both of the companies. 


HLPFI understands that Eris J is an ex-Intermarine vessel.


Eris J.