February 22 - After almost three decades of transporting heavy lift and project cargo, Jumbo's Fairmast will be the first of its two D-Class vessels to be decommissioned.

This heavy lift vessel has sailed to all corners of the world for numerous clients in hundreds of voyages. Together with its crews, Fairmast contributed greatly to the leading market position Jumbo Shipping currently holds.

When it was commissioned in 1983, the D-Class vessels were revolutionary, says Jumbo. Fairmast's lifting capacity was by far the highest in the heavy lift market and it featured the first Huisman mast crane. That 40 tonne model was the prototype for later versions, which are still used throughout Jumbo's fleet.

Jumbo's four J1800-Class vessels, for example, each feature two 900 tonne mast cranes.

Another unique feature is the fact that the accommodation is located starboard, allowing the transport of cargo that is longer than the vessel itself. This design is now used on Jumbo's current J-Class vessels.

Jumbo concludes that Fairmast has vindicated Jumbo's motto 'Reliable Strength' and will be remembered accordingly.