February 17 - Kaleido Ideas & Logistics recently delivered oversized steel beams form Vigo in Spain to Tema, Ghana.

This delivery was the third of a ten-part project being undertaken by Kaleido. In this leg, the company delivered 140 beams measuring between 23 m and 44 m, with weights spanning 17-80 tonnes. The 36,400 cu m shipment was stowed over two tiers and was delivered alongside 40 containers.

The steel structures will be used for the construction of highway bridges, said the Ministry of Roads and Highways of Ghana.

Kaleido was responsible for moving the cargo at Vigo port, and coordinated the loading operations including the lashing and securing jobs on board. It also provided a lashing and welding plan, welders and all materials required to carry out mentioned jobs. Kaleido also supervised handling operations in Ghana. 

Kaleido Ideas & Logistics is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network representing Spain.