Knud E. Hansen has unveiled its Atlas A-class wind turbine installation vessel.

Able to carry four 14 MW wind turbines, the Atlas A-class is tailored for the cost-effective installation of large-scale wind farm components, according to Knud E. Hansen.

The dimensions of the vessel makes it suited to the transport and installation of turbines on pre-installed foundations and it can be equipped with a 1,600-2,500-ton (1451.5-2268-tonne) lifting capacity crane. In fact, the vessel is highly customisable with thrusters, generators and jacking systems suited to the specific requirements of the client, as well as availability from the manufacturers.

The Atlas A-class is powered by eight generators connected to a DC grid and battery pack, allowing the engines to run at variable speed for fuel efficiency while also using load levelling and peak shaving. The batteries not only provide instant power, avoiding unnecessary spinning reserve power from the generators, but also make it possible to recover approximately 60 percent of the energy used for jacking when the units are reversed on the way down.

Furthermore, the high-speed electrical rack-and-pinion jacking system is designed for 5,000 load cycles, ensuring that the legs and components will withstand wear throughout the life of the vessel.