August 14 - In Chile, project logistics specialist Tecnitransport coordinated the delivery of four 165-tonne Alstom transformers from Puerto Lirquen to its customer's site 150 km inland

Tecnitransport developed a special trailer to complete each move, which combined an 80-tonne capacity steel beam frame, plus side beams, to spread the weight of each transformer.

The route to the final project site was challenging due to the height of each unit. The maximum clearance was 5.15 m, and each transformer measured 5.1 m tall.

During the project Tecnitransport was forced to construct several bypasses and travel via alternative routes through small towns. Upon arrival at the jobsite the transformers were offloaded onto foundations using the traditional jack and slide system.



In a concurrent move in the south of Peru, Tecniproject mobilised its 800-tonne capacity Liftsystem 48 A gantry crane to Mollendo. Techniproject positioned four 234-tonne generators and four 177-tonne turbines at the Puerto Bravo power plant.

Tecniproject is now considering permanently moving heavy lift equipment to Lima, Peru, to work with local partner TechniChoice.

Videos of both projects can be seen below.




Tecniproject is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Chile, while Tecnitransport represents the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Chile.