January 19 - L.Branco - Navega

The roof sections, each of which measured 35 m long by 10.2 m wide, were loaded onto the vessel at the port of Aveiro, along with approximately 200 tonnes of steel wall liner and accessories. The cargo was unloaded at the Swedish port of Wallhamn, before being transported to Stenungsund.



Elsewhere, L.Branco handled the shipment of several large pieces of equipment out of Alstom's private quay in Setúbal, Portugal. L.Branco supplied the mobile cranes (including two 500-tonne capacity models), stevedores, lashing equipment, lashing professionals and welders, as well as chartering one of the vessesls.



L.Branco also assisted international project forwarder Rolf Riedl to load a 124-tonne transformer at the port of Leixoes. The Portuguese company hired stevedores, which used two 100-tonne capacity cranes to lift the cargo.



L.Branco - Navegação e Trânsitos is a member of The Heavy Lift Group.