February 21 - The port of Le Havre in northern France has handled a 375-tonne generator component for power company EDF measuring 12.7 m long and 4.20 m in height.

The shipment was moved from Saint-Leu-d'Esserent on the heavy lift barge Exelmans before freight forwarder Paris Transport International (TPI) organised a quayside sheer leg crane lift at the Le Havre ro-ro terminal.

The sheer leg crane - the largest available at the Channel ports in terms of its 650-tonne lifting power - had been returned to service in November 2012 after a refit.

The shipment left Le Havre on the heavy lift barge Terra Marique bound for Fécamp, about 35 km northeast of the port, before being moved by road to the EDF power plant at Paluel, a few kilometres inland.