February 11 - HAROPA's port of Le Havre has invested EUR130 million (USD146 million) into a rail and barge facility, which is expected to begin operating in spring of this year.

The multimodal site will be operated by Le Havre Terminal Exploitation (LHTE), together with four transport operators currently operating in the port: Naviland Cargo, Greenmodal, Logiseine and Novatrans.

The facilities are due to be delivered to the site by Le Havre Terminal Trimodal (LH2T) between February and March.

HAROPA says that the purpose of the on-dock platform is to expand the multimodal offering from the port of Le Havre, streamline the arrivals and departures of containers on shipping terminals, and offer new services in connection with the region's logistics areas.

In addition, use of the multimodal terminal at the French gateway is estimated to save around 500,000 tonnes of CO2 each year compared with road transport.