June 29- Three new development projects have been scheduled at Lerwick Harbour, Scotland, which aim to expand its facilities for the offshore industry. The projects are reported to be costing around GBP30 million (USD47.1 million) and some are already und

Both the quay at Dales Voe South and the jetty at Holmsgarth North will undergo expansion and have their water-depths increased. Completion for these two projects is due next year.

At Dales Voe South, the quay is being extended by 75 m to 130 m, with a load-bearing capacity of 60 tonnes/ sq m, complemented by increased adjacent laydown for equipment and materials, with a phased expansion totalling 45,000 sq m by 2016.

The L-shapped jetty at Holmsgarth North will extend to 800 m plus, creating additional berthing for offshore industry vessels.

The Lerwick Port Authority chief executive Sandra Laurenson said, since the harbour already met "offshore industry requirements" the most recent developments will provide an opportunity for "further decommissioning work and the renewables market."