January 21 - USA-based Logistics Plus has coordinated the transport of a trailer, designed and manufactured by Rogers Brothers Corporation, from Albion in Pennsylvania to Peru, via the Port of Houston.

The 220-tonne capacity trailer, which measured over 30 m long and 6 m wide, was destined for use by Peru Southern Copper Mine Corp in hauling large mining equipment off-road.

The project, which took almost two years to organise, involved Logistic Plus assisting Rogers Brothers with costing, planning, quoting and surveying, as well as coordinating and loading the trucks.

Due to the dimensions of the trailer, Logistics Plus was required to transport the cargo in six oversize loads, in order to legally move the dismantled trailer on US highways to the Port of Houston.

"As is often the case, some 'behind the scenes' hiccups and weather issues made things interesting," said Jeremy Chaffee, truckload solutions manager for Logistics Plus. "In the end, the combined team battled through a snow storm, ice, and cold to load all six truckloads in just over eight hours."