July 20 - Crane Rental Corporation, which was recently bought by Maxim Crane Works, has transported an LNG tank in three sections from Oklahoma to West Virginia.

Two of the sections weighed in at 122.5 tonnes with the dimensions 16.2 m x 4.8 m x 4.6 m, while the third weighed 65.7 tonnes and measured 9.7 m long with a 4.5 m diameter.

Each of the units were transported by road using Crane Rental's dual-lane transport trailer. The transport of each unit was different due to changing factors en route, explained the company, with one section travelling 2,311 km and another covering 2,775 km before reaching the site.

Crane Rental also rented property near the final site to serve as a staging area while the tank sections were loaded onto self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) for the last leg of the journey, which involved navigating a number of winding roads with gradients ranging from 9-11 percent.

On arrival at the site, the tank was assembled using 700-tonne capacity gantry systems.

Watch a video of the move below.