Groningen, the Netherlands-based shipping company Longship has placed an order for four ultra-low emission ships.


Image source: Longship

Designed in collaboration with Dutch naval architect Ankerbeer, the ship design is compliant with the EU Stage V standards applicable to non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). It features a box-shaped hold with an 81.9 m-long clear hatch opening that Longship said is well suited for breakbulk and project cargoes.

The hull design and diesel-electric propulsion system delivers an ultra-low fuel consumption by using two low revolution engines to ensure efficient combustion, added Longship. The main propulsion generates a reduction in consumption of about 45 percent compared to the current ship types of similar size.

The hybrid propulsion system that powers two azimuth thrusters can be retrofitted to run on alternative fuels that will replace fossil fuels in the future. At delivery, the ships will hold the class notation Prepared for Methanol C as hybrid alternative.

The ships will be built at Atlas Shipyard in Türkiye, with the first unit to be delivered in spring 2024.