May 7 - Cargotec Corporation's offshore lifting equipment subsidiary MacGregor has developed a new crane featuring three-axis motion compensation.

The unique system has been designed to carry out installations, repairs, maintenance and general service duties in the renewable energy, oil and gas markets. The crane delivers full three-axis (x, y, and z) compensation enabling equipment to be landed on small, high platforms with little margin for error.

The 74 m inland support vessel Siem Moxie - currently under construction at the Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway for Siem Offshore - will be the first vessel to come equipped with the new MacGregor crane.

According to MacGregor a specific task for Siem Moxie is to transfer equipment to the top of offshore windmill foundations.

"The landing platforms are about 20 m above the water and they are only 4 sq m, so precise load handling is essential," commented Frode Grøvan, director, sales and marketing, advanced load handling, MacGregor.

The crane has a hydraulic tilting foundation, which can compensate for vessel pitch and roll. A motion reference unit (MRU) will be the main sensor for calculating heave motion. A secondary sensor placed at the crane boom tip will be used to verify the MRU's accuracy.