June 2 - Through a connecting carrier arrangement with Seaboard Marine, MACS can now offer a new service option between Europe, the west coast of South America and Jamaica.

Conventional cargoes with a unit weight of up to 120 tonnes can now be shipped from Europe on the multipurpose ships that operate on MACS' transatlantic service; cargoes can be transhipped in Houston onto Seaboard Marine's fortnightly liner service to the west coast of South America and Jamaica.

In Europe cargo can be accepted in Immingham, Brake, Antwerp and Bilbao for shipment to Kingston, Guayaquil, Callao, Arica, Angamos and Valparaiso. MACS says that as the transhipment terminal in Houston is operated by Seaboard Marine, shippers can expect a high quality service, competitive rates and attractive shipping solutions.