March 25 - Mammoet USA has safely completed its role in the Reficar refinery modernisation and expansion project, Colombia - a job it was contracted to during 2011.

Mammoet's role in the project was wide-ranging taking in over 1,000 lifts and moves, with more than 150 lifts exceeding 100 tonnes. Mammoet said that strict coordination and planning was crucial to meet the construction schedule. Mammoet served as a key contractor handling all overland transport, inland shipping and on-site lifting.
At the peak of the project, Mammoet provided over 121 cranes ranging in capacity from 18 to 1,350 tonnes. Other equipment mobilised to the site included 154 axle lines of self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs), 48 lines of conventional modular trailers and a 900-tonne gantry lift system.
Mammoet also organised a special safety training programme for local staff, while a dedicated maintenance shop was established on-site to service the project's vast amount of equipment.
Mammoet says that 150 of its staff have worked on the Colombian development for three years. Commissioning is currently ongoing and start-up is scheduled for 2015.