July 26 - Mammoet has transported and installed five LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) pressure vessels, or bullets, at the Sunrise Energy site in Saldanha in South Africa's Western Cape.

Weighing 584 tonnes each, the bullets were transported 2.7 km overland from Efficient Engineering's fabrication facility to the site, where Sunrise Energy is constructing an LPG import terminal, scheduled for commission in April 2017.

To complete the move, Mammoet used two prime movers and two ten-axle Kamag self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) in four-file configurations, as well as a Goldhofer self-propelled trailer at the rear.

The route involved crossing a railway line, which required Mammoet to coordinate closely with the rail operator, and navigating a steep gravel road with an 8 degree incline - a challenge that required an extra tractor unit.

On arrival at the site, Mammoet rotated the transporters by 90 degrees underneath the load, so that the units could each be driven up two temporary inclines towards the bullet foundations. The tricky manoeuvre saved vital installation time, claimed the company.

Once at the installation area, each bullet was jacked down and skidded into its final position, before being set on purpose-built sand cradles.