May 30 - Mammoet has completed the heavy lifting, transportation and rigging activities at Chevron South Africa's refinery in Cape Town, for its annual scheduled maintenance.

Megchem, an engineering company operating primarily in the oil, gas, power generation and energy related industries, contracted Mammoet for the refurbishment of a reactor dome, a 136-ton (123-tonne) heat exchanger, and the replacement of a 80-ton (72.5-tonne) atmospheric column.

The atmospheric column was removed utilising a 400-tonne capacity crawler crane and an assist crane, and was directly loaded onto a conventional trailer for transportation to the demolition yard, 26 km off site.

For the refurbishment of the reactor, the crane had to be assembled with limited space, while the refurbishment of the heat exchanger column also had to be executed in an area which left little room for manoeuvring.