January 19 - Mammoet has begun using a new safety-enhancing lighting system on its self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

The lighting system provides excellent visibility underneath the moving vehicle and offers a multitude of advantages in operation, during maintenance and to enhance safety, explained Mammoet.

The heavy lift and transport specialist added that the SPMT lighting system has proven itself in operation on a number of Mammoet vehicles and is destined to raise the safety level of the entire industry.

Developed in cooperation with trailer manufacturer Scheuerle, the system was based on one fostered by Mammoet that could be magnetically attached to SPMTs. Scheuerle tested many different prototypes to find the best light source and the best positioning to prevent unwanted shadows.

The system eventually chosen makes use of the latest LED technology. Mammoet says that the LEDs require so little power that it causes no problems with the SPMT power supply provided by power pack units (PPU).

The LED light sources are installed directly over the wheels - one for each axle or 12 LED lamps per six axle lines of SPMT - and can be switched and adjusted as needed. Not only at night, but also in bad weather, Mammoet says that operators benefit from the improved visibility of road conditions, vehicle position, and operating levers or valves.

Furthermore, said Mammoet, flat tyres as well as any possible leakage of the hydraulic system will be clearly visible so they can be detected and fixed immediately.

The SPMT lighting system also aims to improve the operator's control over the vehicles by making obstacles like stones, bumps or holes on the transport route visible.

At the same time, the system aims to reduce personal injury in two different ways, said Mammoet. Firstly, the operator can see people approaching the moving vehicle; secondly, people around the vehicle can see every movement, wheel adjustment or manoeuver and safely avoid it.

Friedrich Messer, head of approvals at Scheuerle, who has tested the new lighting system at night and under difficult weather conditions, commented: "If you haven't seen the system in operation, you cannot imagine how huge the difference is. Like every ingenious solution, it's so simple, yet so effective. Not only during operation, but also maintenance and repair processes become so much safer and easier under ideal lighting conditions".

The lighting system is available for all SPMT models and generations offered by Scheuerle. All new axle lines of SPMT purchased by Mammoet will be fitted with the system as standard; while the company will purchase supplementary systems to install on its existing SPMTs.