September 14 - Mammoet has successful transported and installed a new railway deck at The Hague Central Station, the Netherlands.

Mammoet was contracted by manufacturer of the steel deck - lemnants - to perform the transport, lift and skid of the deck, which had to be moved 144.6 m in order for it to be installed in the new station hall at Haagse Startstation Erasmuslijn (HSE).

Mammoet transported the individual deck components from Belgium to The Hague using 15 dolly trailers. The parts were then assembled into an 88 m long deck, which weighed 800 tonnes. Mobile cranes ranging in capacity from 50 to 500 tonnes were used to complete this part of the project. 

Mammoet had to overcome a number of challenges at the busy railway station, explained project manager Eelco de Leeuw, including limited space, which meant the deck had to be assembled at a height of 12 m.

"The launch was also challenging due to the distance between the front and end sections of the deck and the need for precision installation at each end point. We were also working across a gap spanning 39 m on the 'Prins Bernhardviaduct' and the deck could only cross a gap spanning 28 m," he explained.

"We solved this by supporting the railway deck with 16 axle lines of SPMTs, which also prevented it from flexing or bending during launching."

To position the deck Mammoet employed its 'launch system', consisting of a push/pull unit and horizontal jacks. For this particular project, the system was slightly altered by being mounted onto a temporary slide plate.

Over the course of 45 hours, Mammoet safely skidded the 800-tonne structure into place. Work is now underway to lower the deck 17 cm to rest on its pillars, for final installation works.

Mammoet is also transporting another consignment of steel parts from Belgium to The Hague for a second railway deck, which will be launched and installed over the weekend of October 16, 2015.

A time lapse video of the lifting operation can be seen below:



Watch a time lapse video of the launch below: