February 12 - Mammoet has added a new custom-built simulator for its largest crane - the PTC 140/200 DS - to its training centre in the Netherlands.

Learning to operate the new generation PTC cranes takes a lot of training and practice, explained Mammoet.

The simulator is built to teach operators how to handle the PTC 140/200 DS, and is an exact replica of the crane's operating system, complete with operator cabin, HD screens, server rack, crane control cabinet and instructor station.

Built with specialised software exclusively for Mammoet, the simulator is designed to provide a realistic PTC experience. As well as high definition screens with replica visuals, the operator can also vary scenarios, from height and weight to weather circumstances and different seasons.

The simulator can also be used to practice complex lifts before the crane is erected at the job site, which means that the proposed lift can be demonstrated to a client, by using a virtual model of their own facility and the component that needs to be loaded.

The software can also be used to make an extensive risk assessment and practice the lift under various circumstances far in advance of the actual operation, which Mammoet says can reduce the time needed at a client's site.

Most importantly, says the company, safety is greatly increased by training operators to work with the crane and react to unusual situations.