April 10 - Manitowoc has launched a new Grove all-terrain crane - the 250-tonne capacity GMK5250L.

Manitowoc claims that the Grove GMK5250L has the strongest reach and load chart of any five-axle crane, as well as offering expert manoeuvrability and driver comfort with a VIAB turbo clutch and integrated reader. The VIAB turbo clutch module eliminates both fluid overheating and clutch burning, while enabling wear-free starting and braking, said the manufacturer.

The 'L' designation for the GMK5250L indicates that it is a long boom all-terrain crane, with a 70 m main boom. The boom length means that the Grove crane can offer more reach both vertically and horizontally than other models, says Manitowoc.

In addition, the crane features a 21 m hydraulic swing-away jib, which can be extended with either an 8 m boom extension, two 8 m jib inserts, or a combination of both for a total possible length of 37 m. The full jib can also be operated while the crane is working with its full 70 m boom length extended.

Manitowoc says that another benefit of the jib is its ability to offer increased offset of up to 50 degrees compared with the typical 40 degrees on other cranes in its class. Moreover, there is an optional integrated heavy-duty jib available.

The manufacturer has reduced the gross vehicle weight of the Grove GMK5250L, which has a 12-tonne per axle configuration, in order to give its customers more transportation options.

The crane's axle group spacing exceeds 8 ft (2.4 m), which is a strict requirement for roading mobile cranes in North America, and additional design features make the crane far easier to move in countries with stricter axle loading requirements, said Manitowoc. The crane is also able to move on the highway with up to 21 tonnes of counterweight.