September 27 - Main deck capacity provider Volga-Dnepr operated its first flight from an airfield in the Pyrenees in over a decade when it transported two Super Puma helicopters from France to take part in a military parade to mark Mexico's bicentenary ce

The helicopters represented France in the special parade and were delivered to Santa Lucia on one of Volga-Dnepr's AN-124-100 freighters. The event, in mid-September, was attended by troops from 16 nations including China, Colombia, Spain, Russia, France, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua and the United States.


The AN-124 is the only aircraft able to carry helicopters with minimum disassembly - only the helicopter blades needed to be disassembled for the flight to Mexico.


After the parade, Volga-Dnepr safely delivered the Super Pumas back to their base in the Pyrenees.