June 5 - Russia based project logistics specialist Modul is currently engaged in the delivery of railway equipment to Port Mariel in Cuba.

A total of 363 bulk sugar hoppers and flatcars were ordered at the Mordovsky railway car building works, located in the Mordovia region of Russia. The first shipment of 59 hoppers and 118 flatcars is scheduled to arrive in Cuba by July 14, 2016.

In order to fulfil the contract, Modul's in-house engineering department developed a method of transloading and transporting the railcars; arranged the necessary permits and documentation for transport; as well as completing loading and securing aboard the bulk carrier Diawan Elegance at the Port of St Petersburg.

Modul initially coordinated the movement of the railcars from Ruzaevka, Mordovia to St Petersburg, in conjunction with the Federal Road Service of Russia, and claimed that its longstanding experience of working with the government body ensured that the shipment moved without delay.

The consignment was loaded onto Daiwan Elegance, which came equipped with advanced deck cranes that allow for discharge at the Cuban port without the need for additional crane capacity, reducing the overall transport costs for the customer.

For optimal securing of the equipment, Modul adjusted the loading plan in accordance with the vessel owner and the inspection agency, Morskoye Gruzovoye Buro. Chain and wire rope was used to secure the hoppers and flatcars to D-rings welded on the deck of the vessel. Modul's specialists inspected the condition of each hopper and flatcar package prior to the sea voyage.

27 of the wagons loaded on the main deck of Daiwan Elegance were wrapped using heat-treated shrink-wrap that negates the ambient effects of sunrays, sea water, wind and rain, ensuring the cargoes remain untouched by the elements, Modul explained.

Handling and securing at the Port of St Petersburg took just two working days, said Modul.