June 5 - This summer, Move One is set to open an office in Amman, Jordan, and revealed plans for a future expansion at the Port of Aqaba.

The company believes that this move will help it to capitalise on the Port of Aqaba's status as a gateway for the import and transit of cargo destined for reconstruction and energy projects in Iraq.

Move One says it anticipates significant heavy lift and project cargo shipments into Iraq, as well as heavy equipment shipments, such as tractors. 

The new office will also support Move One's growing ties with the US military and its delivery of assets to the Jordanian Armed Forces and regional partners.

Move One is also setting up its Jordan operations to provide diplomatic aid deliveries to Syria and the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. 

With the increased number of global humanitarian aid groups setting up large warehousing projects in Jordan for onward distribution to places like Syria, Iraq, the West Bank and even Lebanon, Move One says its expanded presence in Jordan will enable it to complete distribution and support warehousing efforts in these challenging areas.