August 22 - Kehl-based MSG Krandienst has acquired a Demag® AC 700-9 all-terrain crane.

"Although these cranes have been in production for a while now, they really are at the cutting edge of technology. They combine sophisticated and reliable engineering with a variety of technical advantages," says general manager Alfred Jatz when explaining the purchase decision.

These advantages include, for instance, a long boom that makes the AC 700-9 perfect for a broad range of applications, as well as short setup and disassembly times that benefit from the fact that the crane is self-rigging to a large extent.

"In many cases, this eliminates the need for an assist crane and the costs associated with that," explains company officer Björn Jatz, who collected the AC 700-9 in Zweibrücken together with the company's general manager, a crane operator, and several employees.

When ordering the Demag AC 700-9, MSG decided on the full equipment package, which among other options comes with a central jack leg: "Since we'll be using this powerful crane primarily for heavy load lifts involved in port handling operations and industrial projects, the central jack leg will be indispensable, as it will ensure that the crane will have the maximum level of stability possible," explains Alfred Jatz. In fact, the crane already needed its central jack leg for its first project, in which it was used to lift a lock gate near Strasbourg.

MSG has since paid a second visit to Zweibrücken to take delivery of another Demag crane: a new AC 500-8 all terrain crane.

"With its carrier length of 17.15 m, the AC 500-8 is the most compact 8-axle crane of its class, and yet it features an impressive system length of up to 154.8 m."
When it comes to its 12-tonne axle load version, the AC 500-8 is the only crane of its class in which the basic machine is self-rigging. An assist crane is not needed for setup, which is a crucial advantage in an industry that constantly requires cost reductions due to pricing pressure. In fact, Björn Jatz says that this critical advantage was the main reason for the company's purchase decision.