Toepfer Transport’s multipurpose time charter index has record a slight increase over last month, rising to USD22,760.

TMI Jun21-Jun22

After dipping in May to USD22,577, June’s average daily multipurpose time charter rate for a 12,500 dwt/F-type heavy lift vessel, according to Toepfer Transport, saw a month-on-month increase of 0.81 percent.

Toepfer said: “Although rising bunker prices are putting pressure on vessels operational cost, the multipurpose period time charter rates remain solid on high level with a minor plus compared with last month amid unbroken demand for tonnage and improved market confidence.

“Activity on the newbuilding market has slowed down. Reasons for this may be the continuing war in the Ukraine and very high energy prices. Another reason is the weak performance of the Euro, which makes USD investments of European shipowners less attractive. Due to high material cost, newbuilding prices are continuing to rise and profit margins for the yards remain slim. We are not expecting newbuilding prices to weaken in the intermediate future.”