February 20 - Broekman Group has changed its name to Broekman Logistics, concluding the company's restructuring programme.

Broekman explained that its name change is meant to emphasise the company's focus on logistics. It aims to grow its business further both in the countries in which it already operates and beyond.

The company's restructuring has led to the formation of three clear business units for Broekman: forwarding and shipping; warehousing and distribution; and breakbulk terminals.

Broekman says that there will also be a greater focus on the three niche markets of logistics for the energy and offshore industry; for packed chemical products; and for the trucking industry. 

The new name is also complemented by a new website - www.broekmanlogistics.com - which contains news on the latest trends in the logistics market, available in Dutch, English and Chinese.

Raymond Riemen, ceo of Broekman, explained that the company logo will be retained, but 'logistics' will be added to the text.