May 22 - Sennebogen has launched its new 50-tonne capacity 653 telescopic crawler crane.

The new crane will join Sennebogen's range of machinery as a versatile option for structural engineering and bridge construction. The machine comes with a 129 kW diesel engine with 4f emission standards and up to two hydraulically driven 50 kN winches.

The boom of the Sennebogen 653 crawler can be continuously extended and retracted over a length of 30.4 m. The machine is also designed with a full-power boom, which is always friction-locked, while the fly boom extends the maximum reach height to 43.4 m.

The crawler undercarriage can operate on inclines of up to 4 degrees, and at just 3 m wide, the extendable crawler tracks save space during transport and can be extended out up to 4.5 m support width when in use, explained Sennebogen.

The 5.34 m long crawler tracks with optional track shoes up to 0.8 m wide also ensure low ground pressure and optimal stability.