February 3 - A new two-axle narrowbed low loader trailer, developed by Van der Vlist Group subsidiary Zwaar Transport Twente (ZTT), has made its debut with the transport of a vintage Mercedes emergency fire vehicle.

Weighing 12 tonnes and measuring 2.55 m x 9.3 m x 3.16 m, the old truck with its extendible ladder was delivered from Stuttgart, Germany to Enschede in the Netherlands.

The new low loader, which was engineered with help from VSE and Recker, was developed primarily to transport combine harvesters.

The trailer's rear electrical steering means that no steering beams are required, reducing the weight of the trailer. Furthermore, since no turntable is needed, the height of the gooseneck is also reduced.

The turning radius is fully programmable depending on the length of the trailer, and it is driveable at any height, without additional tyre wear, said ZTT.