October 5 - The Netherlands headquartered trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has unveiled the Manoovr, its latest semi low-loader trailer, writes James Graham.

Further to HLPFI's report on July 13, the Manoovr has a load floor height of 78 cm in combination with a permissible axle load of 12 tonnes, said Nooteboom.

The Manoovr trailer is available with three to 10 axles, a 50 cm suspension stroke and a steering angle of up to 70 degrees.

The load floor is single, double or triple extendable and supplied in Nooteboom Red, though clients can specify a particular colour.

The load floor, which ranges in length from 10.64 m to 26.27 m, is supplied in widths of 2.5 m or 2.75 m. Payloads of the Manoovr at 80km/hr range from 42.6 tonnes for 3-axle versions, to 116 tonnes for 10-axle trailers. Dead weights range from 14.4 tonnes for 3-axle versions to 37.4 tonnes for 10-axle trailers.

Nooteboom sales manager Han Rekers says: "The Manoovr is more than just a new product; it is an innovation. We have aimed for a breakthrough that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership while being the easiest to operate."

He added that the semi low-loader is perfectly aligned at any ride height, which contributes to extended tyre life, and that a number of orders for the Manoovr range were placed while the design was still on the drawing board.