February 5 - Netherlands-based construction company KWS Infra has put its first four-axle Nooteboom MCOS-58-04 (EB) hydraulically steered semi low-loader into operation.

Trailer manufacturer Nooteboom says that its latest generation MCOS semi low-loaders with hydraulic steering are the optimal transport solution for the movement of machinery weighing up to 47 tonnes.

The MCOS trailer range comprises three-axle and four-axle hydraulically steered semi low-loaders, with either a fixed or extendible load floor.

Within this range there are various versions to meet the requirements of specific sectors, said Nooteboom. For example, the MCOS semi low-loader of KWS Infra has been specifically constructed for the transport of road-building machinery.

The load floor has been strengthened for the transport of machines with a highly concentrated load, such as road planers. Moreover, Nooteboom has upgraded the hydraulic steering of the semi low-loader to achieve an even larger steering angle, without using a steering quickener.