July 13 - The Netherlands headquartered trailer manufacturer Nooteboom will unveil its latest semi low-loader trailer, the Manoovr, at the BedrijfsautoRAI event staged in Amsterdam from October 20-24, 2015.

The Manoovr has a load floor height of 78 cm in combination with a permissible axle load of 12 tonnes. This unique configuration is currently undergoing a patent application in the Netherlands, said Nooteboom.

On its launch, the Manoovr trailer will be available with between three to 10 axles, a 50 cm suspension stroke and a steering angle of up to 70 degrees. Nooteboom says the trailer is ideal for operators involved in abnormal transport due its low tare weight, simple design and manoeuvrability. 

Nooteboom added that the semi low-loader is perfectly aligned at any ride height, which contributes to extended tyre life, and that a number of orders for the Manoovr range were placed while the concept was still on the drawing board.