NOV will design and supply equipment for a GustoMSC NG-14000XL-G wind turbine installation jack-up vessel under development by China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI).

Norwegian heavy transport and installation contractor OHT will take delivery of the vessel in 2023. The vessel will incorporate a GustoMSC heavy lift crane with a maximum lifting height of up to 165 m above deck.

In addition, the vessel is designed with an optimal hull shape, battery-hybrid systems, and an electrical control system to reduce emissions by 20 percent, compared with similar sized installation vessels, said NOV. To further reduce the carbon footprint, the vessel is prepared for the use of fuel cells powered by hydrogen.

“Through this initiative, OHT firmly establishes its position as a leading, fully integrated transport and installation (T&I) company for offshore wind. In doing so, we are responding to client concerns about the lack of capable vessel capacity in the booming offshore wind market,” stated OHT ceo Torgeir E. Ramstad.