Optimarin has signed an agreement with USA-based Lee Engineering Supply Company for the warehousing of critical spare parts for its ballast water treatment (BWT) systems in Louisiana.

According to Leiv Kallestad, Optimarin ceo, the agreement with Lee Engineering represents an important step in the company’s efforts to provide quality after-sale service to owners operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

“By warehousing critical spare parts at Lee Engineering’s facilities in Louisiana, we can make sure our customers have rapid access to both spare parts and service, if required,” he explained.

Tore Andersen, executive vice president sales and marketing at Optimarin, added: “Most requests for spare parts we have logged at our 24/7 service centre in Stavanger, Norway, are UV lamps and the quartz glass coverings that protect them… These are easy enough to replace and, thanks to our cooperation with Lee Engineering, we can provide same-day delivery for owners operating in the Gulf.”

Lee Engineering is also part of Optimarin’s service network, with a dedicated technician certified by Optimarin on call to provide repair, maintenance and software upgrades when required.

In addition to the USA, spare parts for Optimarin BWT systems are available in Yokohama, Japan; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and Singapore. The company operates service centres in strategic ports in Europe, Asia and the USA and plans to open a new centre in Namibia for customers who trade on the west coast of Africa.